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In the Empire's Battle: World of Steam game, 2 tokens of various types and purposes are implemented: FLUR (a solid Flur crystal) and DUST (Flur shards or dust).

FLUR is Empire's Battle's flagship token. The precious solid crystal plays a key role as a link between in-game assets and In-Real-Life fiat. The token is used to buy in-game NFTs, pay loot from clan wars, buy artifacts, and much more.

FLUR can be freely traded at the crypto exchange, staked, or used for rapid growth in the gaming world.

The FLUR token worth depends on demand and offer.

DUST is the second token of the project, which is equivalent to the in-game gold.

Shards of Flur (DUST) are used as a reward for game quest completion, for paying profit from bets and destroying enemies. One can also repair equipment or buy boosters or auxiliary items.

The DUST token worth depends on demand and offer.

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