Background of the Midnight Guardian armor

Once upon a time, a young fox named Morgen Vilius wandered around looking for shelter from the weather in cold autumn. It was pouring and impossible to see anything further than two meters away. The fox suddenly ran into a high wall of metal sheets. Trying to avoid the piercing icy wind, he began to climb the wall, hoping that he could hide behind it, set up a fire, and rest from the storm. Climbing over the parapet, the fox noticed the shape of the building and felt very happy, because he did not hope to spend the night under the roof that day.

A few years ago, Morgen was exiled from HoleCity for his radical thoughts about robots. Oddly enough, the cunning foxes appeared to be not so smart and believed that their community was under the protection of the Techno Empire. Three months after the exile, Morgen came back to beg for another chance to return home, but found only cold ashes.

However, his frozen instincts did not sleep, and the fox was on the alert. “So much metal means nothing good, though it might be one of those abandoned raccoon roadblocks that some traveler told me one day. These warlike animals often built walls from the shells of defeated robots...” – the intruder reassured himself. Morgen walked more confidently when he considered to describe the place right.

The building was round and very wide. The windows were quite low, and he could clearly see no one inside through them. The fox opened the latch on the window with a claw and quickly got in. Holding his breath, he began to look around.

“No oven, no hearth… Damn it!” Morgen touched the ice wall with his shoulder and realized that it was made of sheets of metal. Animals don’t build houses like these. The fox's heart was beating so hard that it could rival the noise of a steam engine.

Next, he heard a noise in the street. Something large was moving towards the locked door. Staggering in fear, the fox knocked something steel onto the floor. It turned out to be two dusty daggers, which he immediately picked up to arm himself. Morgen rushed to the window, grabbing a bag and a bottle of viscous liquid lying on the floor.

The fox jumped out of the window and ran into the robot – and not into a an ordinary one… It was General. The animal grabbed the robot in his paws without thinking and fiercely opened them wide, cutting the body frame into pieces. The fox stood frozen for a second, shocked by the sharpness of the blades, but quickly regained temper and ran away. Thanks to the veil of rain, he managed to get over the wall unnoticed, but it was clear from the growing noise that the Argo’s deadly hounds were following him.

Morgen did not know where he was heading, but he was confident that any delay could cost him life. After a few kilometers, the animal felt an inexplicably powerful energy kick and accelerated. Finally, he ran into the gorges of the Rocky Dragon, found a cave, and spent the night. When he woke up in the morning, he found Flur in the bag – there was a lot of Flur. Now Morgen understood the source of strength for such a long escape after long wanderings.

Wrapping himself in his cloak and sitting closer to a small fire, the fox decided to take a closer look at his new weapon. The rain washed away the dust, and the daggers sparkled as if they were made from stars. A beautiful ornate handle fit perfectly in the paw. Morgen was very happy to have his new stuff, and the bag with Flur heartened him like a fire. The fox knew nothing about the stolen mysterious liquid in the bottle, but it couldn’t have been stored in the Argo Immortal's royal warehouse for no reason...

Morgen Vilius, the future most dangerous and wanted criminal of the Techno Empire, met the mysterious hermit blacksmith there, in the Rocky Dragon. He created a special camouflage armor for the fox under the moon on the sacred stones of the gorge, and he had no equal now. The equipment featured great performance and simplicity; Morgen could move silently and merge with the environment in it, which gave him an invaluable advantage in the attack.

There are many legends about this cunning fox. Some say he made an alliance with the wolves of the gorge. Others saw how Morgen killed a whole regiment of steel soldiers all by himself... One thing we know for sure is that he was nicknamed Silent Assassin not for his low voice. There are legends about his daggers, which sparkle brighter than the stars in the night. Thanks to Morgen Vilius, the robots are afraid to go outside the walls at night, because Midnight Guardian moves faster than lightning and quieter than the wind.

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