Rental of valuables

A player who has valuables on his account (characters, items, or artifacts) can sell them or rent to other users. The whole process is automated and goes through the in-game exchange. There are two rental options:

Fixed rate

The renter pays the owner a fixed number of tokens for having the valuable for a certain period. Accordingly, the owner's profit does not depend on any actions of the renter.


The renter pays the owner part of the loot obtained by using the rented valuable. Thus, the profit of the owner depends on the activity and success of the player who rents his item or character for some time.

💡 In both cases, the terms of the transaction (rental duration, the amount of the fixed payment or fee) are specified by the owner of the valuable when applying to the in-game exchange. The renter has the right to agree to the offer that interests him.

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