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Empire’s Battle: World of Steam

Empires Battle: World of Steam is an NFT & Play-and-Earn arcade with RPG elements built on several blockchains.

The main character is doing their best to hold a key position and protect the drill, while hordes of enemies attack them from all sides.

The goal is to survive as long as possible and get as many crystals as you can!

📜 Plot

The Empire’s Battle: World of Steam world is the civilization development in a Steampunk setting with the evolved animals opposing steam robots. A brave army of animals is tirelessly fighting hordes of robots for freedom and Flur crystals. Who is going to win?

The main characters in the Empire’s Battle world are animals which gained intelligence and strength following an unsuccessful experiment. They are now the only ones who can resist the hordes of intelligent steam machines trying to enslave all life. Each character has unique characteristics, skills, and style of play.

🤖 Enemies

Lots of enemies are waiting for you. The robots are eager to deal with the Resistance so that no one can stop them from enslaving the world and capturing all the Flur deposits!

🛡️ Equipment

You will require decent equipment, reliable weapons, and all your courage for a good fight!

Use potions from the Alchemists Guild, as well as auxiliary items to cover your back at the right time and be on equal terms with the hordes of deadly machines.

💠 Token

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