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Empire's Battle: World of Steam is a cross-chain game operating on several blockchains simultaneously.

The Empire’s Battle project is a casual game with a well-thought, detailed world, simple but addictive gameplay, RPG elements, PVP system, boss battles, clan wars, as well as the ability to get unique NFTs and earn tokens.

Empire's Battle is a game with a built-in economic component of the cryptocurrency use. The project follows the trend of creating PC and mobile games using blockchain technology to express virtual property rights through cryptocurrency.

Empire’s Battle allows to earn both passive income through staking and farming and active income through gameplay on locations.

The confrontation in the world of Empire’s Battle: World of Steam goes on both for freedom and for Flur, a precious magical crystal that endows the owner with great power.

💎 Flur is the in-game currency and serves as a base for the entire economy of the game. The player can earn it through virtual mining or staking their character. It can also be won from the rivals in various game modes.

🏦 You can use crystals to acquire boosters or auxiliary items in the game store in order to facilitate the game session and enhance the mining result. You can also use Flur to buy equipment and powerful weapons that will help you on the battlefield.

🦊 All characters need food, shelter, and care. This is why Flur, the main currency of the Empire’s Battle world, is spent daily on the maintenance of each character.

Don’t forget about the maintenance of your mining equipment! The drill has many modifications that can be purchased for crystals. In addition, it needs repair after long mining sessions.

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