Dangerous areas “Dungeons”

The world of Empire’s Battle is large and diverse, and the Techno Empire rules in almost every corner of it. But some areas are especially dangerous. They are inhabited by crazed robots that have fallen out of Empire's control, terrible mutants changed for the worst by the radiation, wild tribes of animals that destroy everyone who carelessly wanders into their territory. Alone or in groups of up to three characters, the players will be able to explore deep caves, abandoned cities, impenetrable windbreaks in the dark forests and challenge the most dangerous opponents of the world of Empire's Battle.

Enemies in the "dungeons" are most dangerous to the players. They have improved health, speed, attack, and special skills. Each dungeon ends with a fight against a boss.

Bosses are unique enemies with incredible strength, survivability, and special skills. To defeat a boss, you need well-coordinated teamwork. However, victories are generously rewarded (FLUR or DUST).

Dungeons are divided into two types: Flur Deposit and Research.

💎 Dungeon type: Flur Deposit

The game session is a classic arcade mode where a player or a team of two players defends drill and fends off enemies. After killing "X" opponents, the dungeon boss appears. Mining in these dungeons during the session is increased by 5%.

🔎 Dungeon type: Exploration

The game session is a classic 2D platformer (like dynamic PVP mode). A group of two or three players clears enemies from the "rooms" of the dungeon. With every new “room”, the opponents become stronger, and the boss is awaiting the players at the end of the dungeon. In this type of dungeon, the chance of items of all types fall-out is increased by 5%.

The chance of Unique NFT Parts fall-out in all dungeon types is increased by 15%. For clans, this value is 20%.

You can get into the dungeon only through a special portal by paying a ticket (tokens) to the portal worker.

🗡️ Clan wars

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