Gear Set NFT Cards

The Midnight Guardian armor has a special story that is told by travelers wandering in the night. Wearing even a single piece of this legendary gear is already an honor, and collecting a complete battle set means becoming a new Guardian!

🌋 History of Midnight Guardian Armor

Hood of Midnight Guardian

The hood has a special mask that absorbs the sound of breathing. This item allows the Guardian stand directly behind the enemy before an attack.

(+10 points of armor)

Jacket of Midnight Guardian

The jacket is impregnated with a special resin that does not let cold and water through. The special color of the jacket blends perfectly with greenery, fallen leaves, or a rock in the shade.

(+30 points of armor)

Gloves of Midnight Guardian

The gloves have durable metal brass knuckles for close-range combat. Morgen Vilius himself smelted the brass knuckles for the gloves from the dead robots' gears.

(+10 points of armor)

Pants of Midnight Guardian

Wide and durable pants that can always be stuffed with the proper things. Packed rations, a repair kit, a couple of clips or something stolen from robots' warehouse – there is always a little more room in your pockets.

(+30 points of armor)

Boots of Midnight Guardian

Settled in the dangerous gorges of the Rocky Dragon, Guardian Morgen Vilius had to move almost silently so as not to provoke a rockfall with the echo of his steps. He had an idea of making shoes with noise-absorbing soles. Even when running fast, the shoes make no sound, and this has saved Fox's life many times.

(+20 points of armor)

Weapon steam booster

For better bullet penetration, a steam booster is installed on the barrel for penetrating steel walls through. Such a mechanism can also be installed on cold arms for a steam push during a swing.

(+10 points of strength)

💡 NFT cards of gear set items have bonus accrual. The more cards from the same set the player collects, the more bonuses and boosts his character will get.

— 4 items collected (+50 points of endurance);

— 5 items collected (+50 points of endurance /+20 points of strength);

— Complete set of items collected (+50 points of endurance /+20 points of strength / +1 second to the duration of the character's skill).

❗️ When a player collects a full set, he gets an additional +100 points of armor..

Unlocked properties of the complete set (+100 points of armor) plus additional bonus for the complete set (+100 points of armor) = +200 points of armor (-2 points of damage)❗️

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